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Sorry not Sorry Assignment for TGB
Skye hated this. Their leader had expanded their borders and there were cats that clearly didn’t approve of this decision. They weren’t supposed to put their welfare above other cats! That’s why they were neutral. They were favoring Light Tribe over all the other tribes. The spirits had made her a healer, but what was the point if she had to choose a side? There was no way that she could do that. She couldn’t turn any cat away. They had herbs to help with the hunger pains; they could give other cats strength to hunt. They didn’t need to claim more territory as their own. It would just start a war and that was something no cat could afford with prey so scarce. Herbs would scare, too. If a cat was injured in one of these fights; who knew if they could get the attention they needed. Healers were around, but not all healers had the same level of power.
Things were tense with Shadow Tribe, as well. She made have few friends in the tribes, but the calico had alw
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Not so Bad
[Azadeh/White-Blue/Trees of Killian]
The small tabby was cursing the fact that her body didn't want to grow. Blizzards had been ravaging the tribes lands this month, leaving everything covered in a thick blanket of white. She could barely get around; the snow was up to her chest. If she wasn't so short, she would have no problem getting around in the frozen stuff. How was she meant to hunt like this? There was no way the secondary could chase prey in this weather. Azadeh thought about just turning around and curling back up in her nest. Maybe... Nightwatch Forest would hold a better chance for catching something. The trees grew much thicker over there, so it would be harder for snow to accumulate on the forest floor. The dark tabby turned north and started padding towards her new destination.
[ White Fire :: Lore :: Nightwatch Forest ]
Good day for adventuring is what Lore figured the day to be as he sat on a tree limb examining his surroundings. But it was also a good day for resting,
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One of my superheroes for my favorite story I'm working on. I'll add some more details later. 
probably wont be on here much. i have all my tumblr, instigram, ect on my profile if anyone wants to follow me on there. 
They're holding a contest for that shitty movie about multiple personalities. Can things stop advertising things using mental illness in a bad light



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm almost always on here, so if you want to start a role-play with me, just drop a note. I have accounts on a bunch of other sites if you would rather role-play on a different sight. I don't write smut, however. Anything else goes.

I'm 100% okay if you're kin with any of my characters, expect for Bioshock/Tallia and Hackcode/Azadeh. They're headmates of mine and are really uncomfortable with doubles.

Instigram: spaceartist1369
tumblr art blog: artistinspace1369 nekoninja123
ao3: animefreak120



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